Recommended Reading

Knowledge is power.

Understanding the illness or what aspects of life you can control to influence it, is very enlightening and empowering.

Here are a few books to consider.

Some links below are affiliate links, however I only recommend products that I believe provide value to my readers.

The AutoImmune Fix

When I went to my first appointment with my Naturopath/ Functional Medicine Doctor, this is the book she recommended I read right away.

I must say it was very enlightening and has helped me immensely on my healing journey.

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The Autoimmune Protocol Made Simple

My Naturopath/Functional Medicine Doctor recommends the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet for autoimmune issues. There are different stages to it and you eliminate and then reintroduce foods at certain points.

This is the diet I’m currently on and having good success with.

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