Arthritis Friendly Products

Sometimes having the right tool can make a job so much easier and less painful for someone with arthritis.

We are sharing some great products which we feel help make every day tasks much easier.

Some of the products we share are made specifically with arthritis in mind, and others are everyday products that you may not have considered to have so many benefits for those coping with arthritis and other inflammatory illnesses.

Some links below are affiliate links, however I only recommend products that I believe provide value to my readers

Kitchen Mama

I know the frustration of trying to use a can opener and simply not having the strength in my hands to use it.

Kitchen Mama solves that problem easily with their small but mighty can opener. Simply press one button and it does ALL the work for you. The can opener works on a variety of can styles and since it’s battery operated it is easily portable to bring with you camping, hiking, or anywhere else you might need to open a can and don’t want to ask for help!

They also make an arthritis-friendly salt and pepper grinder! Be sure to check them out here.


Turning keys when you have arthritis can be incredibly difficult and painful.

Turning keys when you have arthritis and the weather is bitterly cold is even harder!

I absolutely love the keywing for how easy it makes it to turn keys!

My house key was one that I often had troubles with and I would have to get another family member to open the door for me.

That was, of course, before I got the keywing and I was finally able to open the door on my own, with reduced stress and strain on my joints, thanks to the Keywing.

They come in a variety of colors too, which is perfect for color coding your keys. (Yes I geek out on stuff like that)

Check them out here.


These hands-free shoes have the comfort, style, and support of a sneaker but with the ease of a slip-on shoe.

You can say goodbye to shoe horns and enjoy the freedom of stepping into your shoes and then stepping outside!

If you’d like to try out these revolutionary shoes you can click here and use this coupon code to save 10% LIFEHACKS10

Water Flosser

Dentist recommended for improving the quality of your flossing and reducing the hand strain.

It’s also perfect for those with jaw pain or TMJ who find it painful to open their mouth wide for flossing.

Dental issues have definitely been a struggle for me since I have been diagnosed with RA and this flosser helps me stay on top of it.

Click here to find on Amazon

Silicone Rings

When your hands are swollen and sore, wearing a ring can be painful, and sometimes even dangerous to do!

Silicone rings are a comfortable and safe alternative.

They range in price from a few dollars to $60 or so, depending on the brand and style. We found ours on Amazon.

Mug Coozies

Holding a mug by the handle can cause stress on the joints, often it’s easier to hold around the sides of the mug.

The problem, though, is that often the sides are too hot to hold…..

Mug Cozy to the rescue! A simple solution to make drinking your favourite hot beverage more enjoyable.

We found this adorable cozy on ETSY.

I Hate the Cold – Hand Warmer

Living in winter for 10 months of the year is challenging with rheumatoid arthritis. Cold often stiffens my joints and results in increased pain.

When I’m out and about, I love having with me some “backup” to help me deal with the cold. These rechargeable portable hand warmers have been a life saver for me to help me deal with the elements.

They have also been useful when I was dealing with trigger finger. I would wake up in the morning and have my finger stuck in a bent position. Running it under warm water would often help but wasn’t always convenient. I started using the smaller size hand warmer to warm up my hand it would help to relax the muscles and joints in my finger.

If winter is cold where you are and your joints aren’t happy with the cold I would definitely recommend trying one of these out!

** They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on their products so you can test them out for yourself and see if you like it!**

Learn more at their website here.

Instant Pot

Preparing food is so much easier for me since I got my Instant Pot! I could not live without this now.

Brain fog effecting you and you forgot to defrost your meat? That’s not a problem with the instant pot! Place in frozen meat and in a short time you will have steamy hot and delicious meal!

If you’re into making bone broth for the many health benefits it has for Rheumatoid Arthritis (click here to learn more about that) then there is nothing easier than using the Instant Pot to make the broth! Delicious and nutritious bone broth in just 90 minutes! It’s a huge time saver!

If you are trying to save time or sanity, I highly recommend the instant pot as your cooking companion.

You can check them out on Amazon here.


I use this every day and love it for a few reasons:

  1. Easy to make healthy smoothies (I try to have a green and berry shake several times a week)
  2. Super easy clean up! Much easier to clean than a larger blender.
  3. Grab and Go drinks – generous sized cups are easy to blend in, put a top on it, and go. (I’m all abut keeping it simple in the kitchen)
  4. The NutriBullet cups are top rack dishwasher safe – yet another way to save my hands!

Amazon has some great sales on them sometimes, so be sure to check it out!